Moving Back!

Last month, we featured an article about a young couple who worked hard and saved their money in order to purchase their first home. This month, we want to focus on a young family who left Hawaii, but who decided to return after living on the mainland. Jed and Kim Davis both grew up in Hawaii and they bought their first townhome in Hawaii Kai in 2007. After being blessed with their first child, the Davis family decided to move to Oregon for the reasons we often hear – affordable housing and the low cost of living. They purchased a beautiful home in Oregon and they settled in nicely. Still, their hearts never left Hawaii, and ultimately, they decided to return to their island roots, coming home to Hawaii as a family of four. Their move did not happen without costs, both emotionally and financially. They left their big, beautiful home in Oregon and chose to rent an affordable townhome in Hawaii Kai while they worked hard to save money so that they could re-invest in Hawaii. After four years of renting, with the help of their Realtor, they bought a Hawaii Kai two-bedroom condo in the $500,000 price range. As a result of sacrifice and their willingness to compromise, the Davis’ are now proud owners of property in Hawaii Kai! Welcome home, Jed and Kim!

Though real estate prices are high, there are still opportunities to purchase a piece of the rock! With a strategic plan, hard work, and the help of a proven professional Realtor, owning Hawaii real estate is still a possibility!